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Exactech Shoulder System

Find out why the Exactech Shoulder may be right for you

Exactech’s Shoulder System offers a range of high-quality implants to help match each individual patient’s anatomy, meet a variety of indications and address unique clinical challenges to provide you with the best possible outcome.

The Exactech Shoulder Systems is a platform system that allows conversion of a primary or fracture shoulder replacement to a reverse with the same humeral stem, thereby conserving bone.

Exactech’s Shoulder Systems Features:


  • Patented replicator plate allows for more anatomic restoration of each patient’s humerus
  • Any size humeral head can be paired with any size glenoid to best match a patient’s unique anatomy


  • Equinoxe reverse is designed to achieve both initial and long-term fixation
  • Bone cage promotes patient’s natural bone growth to secure a long-term fit1
  • Larger glenospheres help minimize impingement on the scapula and maximize range of motion2

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  3. Laboratory and/or animal study tests are not necessarily predictive of clinical outcomes.
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